Team psychological safety, spirit at work and organizational commitment among personnel of Enugu Electricity Distribution Company

  • Ikechukwu V. N. Ujoatuonu
  • Cecillia O. Apex-Apeh
  • Adaobi U. Onu


This study investigated team psychological safety and spirit at work as predictors of organizational commitment. Two hundred and fifty (250) employees were drawn from Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC). They were drawn from various departments such as human resource, hdministrative unit, field work, finance and account unit, and revenue cycle service unit using a purposeful sampling technique. They consisted of 170 men and 80 women. Their ages ranged from 25-45 years, with a mean age of 26 years. Three instruments were used for data collection in the study, namely, Team Psychological Safety Scale, Organizational Commitment Questionnaire and Spirit at Work Scale. Correlation and multiple regression analysis were used for data analysis. Result indicated that team psychological safety did not significantly predict organizational commitment. Spirit at work was a significant positive predictor of organizational commitment. Workplace interventions that will help employees improve team psychological safety and spirit at work by building organizational commitment and adaptation to organizational challenges were suggested.