Burden of stress among cancer patients: Is religious commitment a factor?

  • Euckie U. Immanuel
  • Fidelis C. Muo


As the scientific community continues to search for cure for cancer, it is necessary to examine variables that can act as buffer against the challenges encountered by cancer patients in their daily living. This study examined religious commitment as a factor in stress among cancer patients Participants were 185 adult cancer patients aged between 23 – 75 years (M = 47.95; SD = 12.62). They were drawn from three different hospitals in Enugu and Anambra States, Nigeria. The Religious Commitment Scale (RCS) and the University of Nigeria Stress Symptoms Scale (UNSSS) were used to collect the data. It was hypothesized that religious commitment will make significant contribution to stress symptoms of cancer patients. Data was analyzed using linear regression. The findings confirmed the hypothesis, showing that religious commitment was a negative predictor of stress among cancer patients. Discussion highlighted the need to integrate the issue of faith/religious concerns in the psycho-social therapies for the management of patients with terminal illnesses.