Influence of religiosity, gender, and age in sexual attitude of undergraduate students

  • Rose Godwin Ikwutah
  • Joshua Chiroma Gandi


This study investigated the influence of religiosity, gender, and age in sexual attitude among undergraduate students. It was a cross-sectional design in which 160 participants, selected by random sampling across faculties and departments, were assessed with the Sexual Attitude Scale (SAS) and the Religiousness Measure (RM). The results showed that there were no significant differences in sexual attitude on account of gender and age. However, religiosity was a significant factor in determining sexual attitude. None of the interaction effects was found be significant. Overall, the study supported employing good religious values’ approach for effective sex education at family levels, in schools and within communities. This will help in ensuring a morally acceptable sexual lifestyle which, in turn, will promote overall healthy sexuality and pave the way for a better society.