Impact of organizational citizenship behaviour on organizational effectiveness: organization ownership as a moderator

  • Nwanzu, C.L.
  • Mbanefo, A.C.


This study investigates the relationship between organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) and organizational effectiveness (OE) in public and private organizations, The purpose was to identify and compare how OCB and its dimensions (OCB-I and OCB-O) impact OE in the two forms of organizations, A cross-sectional survey of a self-report questionnaire was used for data collection. Fifty-five organizations were sampled and a total of 448 respondents provided the data analysed. The respondents comprised 251 (56) males and 197 (44) females with mean age of 40 years. Data analyses revealed that OCB positively and significantly predict effectiveness of public and private-owned organizations (Adjusted R2 .07, t (32) =1.92. P < .05; Adjusted R2 .38, t (18) = 3.56. P < .01 respectively), and that the nature and degree OCB-I and OCB-O impact on effectiveness of public and private-owned organizations vary. Therefore, the relationships between OCB, OCB-I, OCB-O and OE are moderated by organization ownership. Further studies should investigate the relationship between OCB and OE in other classifications of organization