Influence of means and frequency of travelling on travelling stress among Nigerians

  • Uwaoma, N. C.


The study examined the influence of the means and frequency of travelling on stress among Nigerians. A total of 312 passengers volunteered for the study. Participants comprised of 149 males and 163 females with ages ranging from 13 - 62 and a mean age of 40.31. Among the participants, 145 were airline passengers and 167 were bus passengers. Participants were selected from one airline and 2 bus terminals at Owerri, Imo State. Travelling Stress Questionnaire (TSQ) developed and validated by the researchers to assess the level of stress experienced by passengers was employed in data collection while crosss-sectional survey and ANOVA on SPSS version 17 were used for design and data analysis respectively. The results showed that road passengers experienced more travelling stress than airplane passengers (F (1, 300) = 654.82, P < .0001).There was also significant difference in travelling stress across participants' travelling frequency (F (1, 300) = 12.08, P < .0001). However, there was no significant gender difference in travelling stress (F (1, 300) = .07, P > .05). Recommendations and conclusion were drawn based on the findings.