Roles of personality, age at marriage and length of marriage in marital satisfaction in a Nigerian sample

  • Mary Basil Nwoke
  • Winifred Ihuoma Oparaocha


This study investigated personality traits, age at marriage and length of marriage as predictors of marital satisfaction in a sample of Nigerians. Two hundred and two (202) married adults, comprising 134 females and 68 males participated in the study. Two instruments were used to collect data: Big Five Inventory (BFI), and Index of Marital Satisfaction (IMS). Hierarchical multiple regression was used to analyse the data. Result showed that two personality traits (conscientiousness and neuroticism) significantly predicted marital satisfaction - neuroticism negatively predicted marital satisfaction while conscientiousness positively predicted marital satisfaction. The result of the findings was discussed as well as the implications and limitation of the study were discussed and suggestions for further studies were highlighted.